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About the LGAQ

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) is the peak body for local government in Queensland. We are a not-for-profit association setup solely to serve the state's 77 councils and their individual needs.

We have been advising, supporting and representing local councils since 1896, allowing them to improve their operations and strengthen relationships with their communities.

We do this by:

  • connecting them to people and places that count
  • supporting their drive to innovate and improve service delivery through smart services and sustainable solutions
  • and delivering them the means to achieve community, professional and political excellence
  • LGAQ is 100 percent council-owned, offering a range of support services and solutions to all council employees.

While membership is voluntary, all Queensland councils are members. The Association is funded by subscriptions, revenue from business initiatives and government grants. Subscriptions account for one third of the Association's revenue.

We are administered by a Policy Executive, a group of mayors and councillors who are elected by their peers to represent all regions of Queensland. The Policy Executive has 16 members - 15 district representatives and a President - who meet six times each year.

LGAQ also has a Board which is appointed by the Policy Executive and consists of three Directors and the President. Download or view the Association's ConstitutionAnnual Reports and Financial Statements.

The Association's activities are driven by three corporate objectives:

  • Establish a leadership reputation
  • Grow the scope and depth of our relationship with members
  • LGAQ Financial Sustainability

We ensure these objectives are achieved by developing and following our Strategic Plan on a four yearly basis.

To acknowledge and pay respect to the First Australians, the LGAQ has adopted a Reconciliation Action Plan.