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The three Rs: Roads, roads, roads

The roads backlog is so big that it will take a decade or more of extra state and federal road funding to help lift the state of local networks in Queensland. So for all the good news out of Canberra...

Here’s to political osmosis

Years of relentless campaigning by ALGA and the LGAQ is now bearing fruit...

Canberra calling

The big good news story for us was the breakthrough giving councils certainty on accessing funding for using so-called day labour for disaster recovery. Credit must go to...

Beware of union rhetoric

The unions are good at issuing lots of silly unsubstantiated statements but no good at providing answers as to how...

On the edge of a slippery slope

We don’t need any more costly unpaid mandates foisted on us. Remembering decisions in the last four years of Labor’s previous time in office stripped about $800 million a year of revenue from councils...

Frankenstein’s creature would be an insult to Queenslanders

The Palaszczuk Government should take on board excellent ideas from both Towards Q2 and the Queensland Plan. We don’t want a strategy that looks like Frankenstein’s creature, with bits bolted and glued together or we will end up with a real monster.

Growth taxes: let councils in on the deal

Rather than repeat the tired and untrue rhetoric of gold plating and featherbedding, the federal and state governments need to be honest and admit they can see that local government...

Good relationships make for good policy

The fruits of these relationships are found in policy reforms and government decisions that benefit our members, and there were a lot of those to be found in this year’s Federal Budget, delivered by Treasurer Joe Hockey on Tuesday night.

Seeing sense on disaster funding

First Auditor- General Andrew Greaves expressed significant concern regarding the financial sustainability of Queensland local governments, in particular....

One Big Ouch

I would be Captain Obvious to note that these will be the last council budgets prior to the 2016 local government elections and a lot will ride on their substance and how the community accepts them...

No white knight for local councils

Help from above is not coming any time soon...innovation and thinking outside the box is central to reducing costs rather than necessarily raise revenues...

Gloves are off

Why did we draw swords this week? NDDRA. Councils can rest assured they won’t be going back in their scabbards until the matter is satisfactorily resolved.

The four issues that keep mayors awake at night

These four issues are universal. Mayors ask about them, CEOs ask about them, and the questions don’t change a great deal irrespective which part of the state we are in. The LGAQ is advocating...

Drug scourge in the bush

While topics debated at this week’s South West Queensland Local Government Association Conference at Thargomindah generated plenty of active discussion, it was the question of what to do about the drug scourge in regional communities that really focused debate...

Natural Disaster Funding Sting looks as though the Commonwealth Government is in an indecent hurry to hurt local councils when it comes to disaster funding. Despite its best efforts, the Queensland Reconstruction Authority has...

Moving heaven and earth for disaster funding

President Margaret de Wit is telling all and sundry she won't back down and will take the fight up to Canberra, knocking and re-knocking on many doors in the process.

Promoting diversity, fairness and equality

To coin a phrase, ‘demography is destiny’, and we need the best people possible in our elected member and work forces to reflect society and improve our productivity and performance.

Back to business after TC Marcia

Communities have now entered the recovery phase... Reconstruction may still be some time off because, as is usually the case with natural disasters in Queensland, it will take a while for an accurate picture of the damage to emerge.

Councils are not alone

When the storm passes and the clean up begins, affected councils should not consider themselves alone....Local Government Infrastructure Services and Propel Partnerships have had plenty of experience since the recent string of natural disasters in Queensland began in 2010.
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