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Delivering in 2017

One word epitomises the challenges for Queensland councils in 2017: delivery. Deliver this calendar year or lose the extra money that's come our way after much hard work and lobbying. At the...

Global ideas, local solutions

No doubt a lot of you would have used your (ever shrinking) summer downtime to read and absorb the ample material produced in the media and elsewhere about what to expect in 2017. Certainly, there...

Cracking year ahead

Not a bad start to 2017 for those 65 councils eligible to access the program and a big signal that this year is likely to see regional economic development brought front and centre to the policy debate. Weekly column by Sarah Buckler, acting CEO.

Ripper end to a challenging year

Ten or 20 years ago, the world slowed down by the time of the first cricket test match at the Gabba in late November...

A post-fact world

All of us are living through a time of great change in public discourse and new rules to govern political speech and conduct online have yet to be fashioned.

Looking for some wins

Most of the lobbying that the LGAQ does never sees the light of day, and that is how it should be.

Driving a good deal on roads

Call it the Great Road User Charging Debate and know that it started in earnest this week.

Getting smart with street lights

Smart street lights are a shining example of how local councils can achieve big benefits in efficient management of the community’s assets.

Mad as hell

Brexit, Trump, local, state and federal election results over the past 18 months and the resurgence of One Nation make a compelling case: the marginalised have found their voice, they’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take this anymore.

Surviving in a mad political world

Local government – all government, really – is not for the faint-hearted. It takes resilient people to stay the course.


Our new President, Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson, has literally made a flying start to his new role.

LGAQ gets top Mark

Under New President Mark Jamieson’s leadership, I look forward to what I think will be one of the most exciting and transformative periods in the LGAQ’s long and proud history.

Injustice and incongruity

Between the Auditor-General's report and the industrial relations public hearing, it has been a big news week for local government. I wish I could say it was a good one. 

Head-in-sand attitude

Under the extreme changes the State Government proposes, councils face the prospect of further job losses and a decline in their capacity for further job creation.

Tailored service to suit

The LGAQ’s membership is a broad church in the truest sense of the word. We get that Brisbane City and Boulia Shire ain't the same and we treat them respectfully and differently.


Finding someone to step into the enormous shoes of our General Manager, Advocacy Greg Hoffman PSM was always going to be a tall order.


LGAQ's Annual Conference is our window to the world and well-constructed, well-supported and well-argued motions are critical to our collective reputations.


Standing still on improving productivity is actually going backwards. Forwards and onwards is the only way to a better future.


The State Government’s antics over its industrial relations legislation are frustrating to say the least, but I can assure you, we will continue our fight.


Let’s hear it for the big picture digitally connected knitters. That’s what councils need to be to remain successful.
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