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It pays to belong, literally.

The number 21 carries magic qualities in our society. It was for generations the point that young men and women were said to come of age, after a very decent party of course. It's also a biblical number, associated in the main with resurrection - that is, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  In the last decade, it's become Gold Lotto’s favourite promotion for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day and the like: a guaranteed $21 million pot at the end of the rainbow

For LGAQ members it's also the amount of money we have returned to them this decade. $11.5 million of that has been returned in last few years, with $1.5 million going back last financial year.

No other peak body comes even close to producing that sort of value for money return. That is after we have helped deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in funding through our advocacy efforts over the past few years, saved participating councils around $140 million per annum through the economics of scope and scale offered by Peak Services and LGM/LGW. And that is on top of the daily assistance we deliver to every council in Queensland. This is an organisation which prides itself on giving timely and trusted advice to mayors, councillors, CEOs and council staff.

At the LGAQ we don't hold on to money we don't need. Sure, we now fund annual TV and digital campaigns to enhance the image of local government. We are undertaking leading technology projects like LG Sherlock, engage the best consultants in the business to assist us writing very powerful cogent submissions to government and quite literally spend millions of dollars every year visiting as many councils as we can - some multiple times. But if it's surplus to requirements, it's yours.

Every dollar you spend with Peak Services and our insurance and workers compensation schemes LGM and LGM goes around and around and around.

It quite literally pays to be an LGAQ member.


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