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Invest local to get global benefits

Our latest innovation roadshow highlights technologies that help solve real problems but can also rectify problems that councils never knew existed.

Hollow homes for natives a council success

The Gold Coast City Council program has produced more than 400 hollows for native wildlife.

Councils attracting overseas business

NQROC has participated in a new training program designed to help councils in their efforts to attract overseas business. Register your interest in a workshop to be held at your ROC meeting.

Have your say on the future of packaging

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) wants your feedback on their ‘Towards 2025 – Directions Paper’. Add your comments to the LGAQ submission due Friday, 10 August 2018.

Future in focus

Now is an incredible place to be in history, riding the next great wave of technology and interconnectedness. Action we take now as a sector will shape how our communities live in the future.

Cairns summit to discuss cities of the future

Leaders from local government and technology entrepreneurs are gathering in Cairns for the Future Cities, Smart Communities Summit

Good move on short-term letting

These reforms are required so we can more accurately monitor the availability of rental accommodation stock, decreased housing affordability and negative impacts on local communities.

LGAQ Media Award open and seeking entries

LGAQ is calling for entries for the 2018 Bean Lockyer Ticehurst Award for Excellence in Regional Journalism

Making an FOI rquest to a council

Applications under the FOI Act must be made in writing to the council that holds the document/s to which access or amendment is requested.  Under the FOI Act, the council must charge an application fee, and processing charges may be payable, if the application covers documents that do not concern the "personal affairs" of the applicant.  The FOI Act specifies the time frame within which a council must decide an FOI application.

If an applicant is dissatisfied with the decision made by council they can apply to the council for internal review by a more senior officer than the original decision-maker.  If the applicant is dissatisfied with the internal review decision, or if the council does not make a decision within the required timeframe, the applicant can apply to the Office of the Information Commissioner for external review.

For more information about the operation of the FOI Act, including how to apply, and the fees and charges for "non-personal" applications, contact the Department of Justice and Attorney-General FOI Unit on:  Telephone: (07) 3239 3439 or

For further information on the FOI Act, including the meaning of "personal affairs", timeframes for making decisions under the FOI Act, contact details for FOI Co-ordinators in a range of agencies, Information Sheets on exemption provisions in the FOI Act, and how to apply for external review, go to the Office of the Information Commissioner website at:  website: 

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