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Have your say on product stewardship

This is an opportunity to address local government concerns in relation to a number of problem waste streams and to work towards greater ownership of these problems from key industry groups. Feedback requested by Friday, 8 June 2018.

Hundreds of jobs will be scrapped without indigenous housing funds

The Commonwealth Government’s own independent review into the issue has recommended long-term Federal support.

More transparency needed 'Beyond Belcarra'

Councils are determined to be leaders in transparency and accountability to guarantee public confidence and trust.

Queensland councils vote for zero waste to landfill by 2028

We support the State Government’s recent commitment to consider zero waste and waste to energy strategies. Our aim is to eventually close landfills altogether.

Reef councils unite

This week, reef councils met with key stakeholders in Brisbane to discuss the challenges facing one of the world’s natural wonders; the Great Barrier Reef.

Acting CEO message: Decisions

Decisions. One of the most empowering characteristics of local government is the opportunity, at every council meeting, to make decisions.

Involving comms in decision making

Michael Gorey, Executive Officer of Communications at Bundaberg Regional Council, tells us why and how to involve comms in decision making.

Visualising the future: meet team Sherlock

The role of data scientist is a recent one. Just a decade ago, science meant one thing – technology and data analytics another. What happens when the two meet?

Visitors in focus: Councillor Terry James

A recent visitor to Local Government House, Councillor Terry James spoke to us about Molly Steer, a 10 year old, grade 4 student from Cairns who has won Cairns Young Woman of the Year.

Swing of the National Sword

China no longer wants the world’s contaminated recyclables. So what does this mean for Australia’s 25-year-strong recycling programs?

Vale Glen Shannen

It was with great sadness that we heard the news that Glen Shannen (Hastings Deering - Sales Manager - Government & Construction Equipment) passed away suddenly at home last Friday morning.

A monumental week

I just felt the earth move. In the past 24 hours, the Queensland Government has committed to a zero waste to landfill future, and a waste to energy strategy.

Queensland to act now on waste

The Palaszczuk Government has today announced that they will work together with councils and industry on a zero-waste future.

LGAQ multimedia ramps up

Here at the LGAQ we have an exciting announcement to make! Our new decked out media room is now ready and operational!

Rating masterclass resources now available

A suite of resources is now available from the recent rating masterclass that was held for those looking to refine and update their knowledge of local government rating.

Have your say on mental health services in rural and remote Australia

The LGAQ is seeking input into the Senate referred inquiry and report into the accessibility and quality of mental health services in rural and remote Australia.

Have your say on regional inequality

The Senate Economics Reference Committee is seeking submissions to the Senate referred inquiry into the indicators of, and impact of, regional inequality in Australia.

CEO Column: A blitz of Western Queensland

Across this week and the next, the LGAQ and Peak Services will have had a dozen staff – including the President – visit nine councils in Western Queensland

LGAQ heads to Dirt 'n' Dust

The LGAQ are heading to the Dirt 'n' Dust Festival this weekend in Julia Creek to volunteer, run, cycle (and gasp) their way through the triathlon, spend some time in the community and facilitate Elected Member Updates (EMUs).

Collaborations key to regional water security

Water partnerships are springing up across Queensland, with councils proactively working towards their own water security solutions in collaboration with industry, neighbouring councils and the State Government.
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