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First welcome from the Minister

Minister for Local Government Sterling Hinchliffe contributed his first ever regular column to the current FEB-MARCH edition of Council Leader magazine. Here's what he had to say.

Biosecurity alerts: Be informed first to help your community

A handy resource: Be notified of biosecurity incidents as they happen by subscribing to Biosecurity Qld alerts.

EMU spreads its wings

We kick off the update series next week, with teams heading out across Queensland to talk to elected members and CEOs on trends and trials for councils, including the importance of corporate culture and the ongoing challenge of financial sustainability.

Spotlight on: Energy

Queensland councils are big consumers, and users, of energy. Its estimated councils spent $250 million a year on this vital asset. What does the rise of renewable energy mean for the local government sector in Queensland? How can the LGAQ assist your council?

Elected member update program kicks off

The 2018 Elected Member Update (EMU) program is kicking off next week - check out the agenda!

Tourism talks head regional

The tourism priorities of Queensland councils will be under the microscope at a series of roundtables in regional areas later this month. How can you get involved?

EOI Councillor Complaints Reference Group

NEW Reference Group wants your knowledge to review early drafts of guidelines and model policies that will be ancillary to the Councillor Complaints Act and Regulations. Provide your EOI by 8 March.

Biosecurity Queensland to host teleconferences

Biosecurity Queensland will be hosting regular teleconferences to help address some of the key questions local government staff have about the administration of the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Global Futurist Chris Riddell keynote at Future Cities Summit

The first round of keynote speakers has been announced for the highly anticipated biennial Future Cities Summit to be held in Cairns, 11-13 July 2018.

Lord Mayors stance on employee pay increase the right thing to do

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and Brisbane City Council deserve congratulations for their decision to go ahead and award employees a pay increase in defiance of moves by a small number of unions to delay the process, according to the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Lobbying ministers the choice in a mixed grill

These discussions are the best opportunity we have of ensuring our advocacy agenda - driven by resolutions at annual conference and the LGAQ’s 10 Point Policy Plan - is understood and appreciated at the Cabinet table.

Time running out for TIDS projects

Funding under the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) is less than 40 percent spent state-wide, with only five months left in the financial year.

Fact file: Managing flying foxes in Qld

Flying foxes don’t know their local government boundaries. That’s one of the key messages driving a renewed push by councils in Queensland calling on the State to recognise that flying-foxes travel large distances across multiple local government jurisdictions.

Qld container refund Scheme extended

The commencement of the Queensland Container Refund Scheme (CRS) has been pushed back until November 1 2018. Here's why.

10 ways your council can get involved in LG Sherlock

From drinking water to graffiti management, the LG Sherlock team has developed more than 50 analytics projects following consultation with councils across the state.

NHVR: Changes to Chain of Responsibility laws

Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws come into effect 1 July, 2018. And breaches will be considered a criminal offence.

Local councils can bring the world

The new MOU between the LGAQ and Trade and Investment Queensland comes at a time when local councils are receiving more and more attention from the top end of town regarding their key role in regional economic development.

Copyright myths exploded

Exchanging information is critical for councils. Here's the top five most common copyright myths busted.

Support for investment in Australian housing: Have your say

Submit your council perspective to the draft Investment Mandate for the proposed NHFIC: finance to registered community housing providers and grants and finance to support the creation of housing-related infrastructure.

Councils need to matter to Canberra

When you collect 83 percent of all government revenue, it is important that your priorities are dominated by those matters that are important to all Australians.
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