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Another piece of the puzzle for flood management and recovery

Flood is an important area of council business - there is no universal silver bullet for our flood problems but this guideline can add to our arsenal to ensure we are as well prepared as we can be.

LGAQ attends public hearing on FIFO bill

On Monday the 6th of November the LGAQ attended the public hearing as a witness for the Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Bill.

A safer, more efficient way for road trains

A safer, more efficient method of load restraint now means councils in cotton producing areas have granted pre-approved access for cotton carrying road trains

LGAQ legislation portal revamped

The LGAQ’s Legislation Portal has received a much needed design facelift.

Murray Darling Basin plans will hurt Queensland communities

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation and the LGAQ have united in their calls for communities to have their say on water buybacks proposed in the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s Northern Basin Review.

Subsidised Access to Women’s Leadership Event Available

Women & Leadership Australia are currently offering 20 LGAQ members the opportunity to attend the 2017 Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium for $400 off the standard rate.

Have your say on the draft Protected Areas Strategy

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is seeking feedback on its Draft Protected Areas Strategy.

Queensland councils get behind Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

The LGAQ has welcomed the Federal Government's $50 million funding to support projects that apply innovative smart technology solutions to urban problems.

Qld State Government Cabinet meeting held in Rockhampton

The Qld State Government held their cabinet meeting in Rockhampton on Monday as part of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s initiative to govern from Central Queensland.

ALGA call on Federal Government to deliver on budget promise

As part of its Submission to the 2016 – 2017 Federal Budget, ALGA has asked for certainty the indexation of Financial Assistance Grants will be restored.

Premier calls for COAG to be held in regional Queensland

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says its time for COAG to be held outside the capital cities for the first time.

Lowood community working together to fight truancy

With support from the Somerset Council a program initiated by the Lowood State School and State High School is deterring truancy by engaging local businesses.

Fast 5 on local government finance

Ivan Colhoun, Chief Economist, Markets for National Australia Bank is set to provide a keynote address at the 5th Local Government Financial Sustainability Summit in Cairns March 29-30. We sat down with him to discuss local government finance in the FEB-MARCH edition of Council Leader magazine.


Circular | FOR INFORMATION 2017-03: The LGAQ welcomes SPER’s efforts in moving from a one-size-fits-all debt recovery model to a contemporary risk-based approach to debt recovery.

Creating strong and sustainable resource communities: FAQs

Learn more about the proposed Bill and what it means for local councils and communities.

Draft Protected Areas Strategy for comment

CONSULTATION REQUEST | The LGAQ will be providing a brief submission to a Draft Protected Areas Strategy from The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. We'd like to hear from you.

Fiscal lessons from California: how the US town of Moreno Valley is bringing in the money.

The town has applied some key measures to remain solvent throughout a housing crisis and an economic crash providing valuable economic management insights.

Art in numbers

The 'Arts and cultural attendance and participation: local regional rates' data provides a comparative snapshot of local Government areas across Australia and their uptake and participation in a range of cultural events and artistic pursuits.

Now Open: National Awards for Local Government 2017

These awards celebrate the ‘best of the best’ local government projects ranging from infrastructure to regional growth, art projects and more.
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