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Invest local to get global benefits

Our latest innovation roadshow highlights technologies that help solve real problems but can also rectify problems that councils never knew existed.

Hollow homes for natives a council success

The Gold Coast City Council program has produced more than 400 hollows for native wildlife.

Councils attracting overseas business

NQROC has participated in a new training program designed to help councils in their efforts to attract overseas business. Register your interest in a workshop to be held at your ROC meeting.

Have your say on the future of packaging

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) wants your feedback on their ‘Towards 2025 – Directions Paper’. Add your comments to the LGAQ submission due Friday, 10 August 2018.

Future in focus

Now is an incredible place to be in history, riding the next great wave of technology and interconnectedness. Action we take now as a sector will shape how our communities live in the future.

Cairns summit to discuss cities of the future

Leaders from local government and technology entrepreneurs are gathering in Cairns for the Future Cities, Smart Communities Summit

We answer your vegetation management questions

How will recent changes to the Act affect councils? See these FAQs for answers to the most common questions.

Good move on short-term letting

These reforms are required so we can more accurately monitor the availability of rental accommodation stock, decreased housing affordability and negative impacts on local communities.

Statement from LGAQ President Mark Jamieson on Ipswich City Council

The Local Government’s Minister’s decision to proceed with the dismissal of Ipswich City Council is profoundly regrettable if understandable.

Tax time for trucks

The ATO has some advice for Queensland councils about the tax treatment of payments to council employees who hire their truck to Council.

The art of listening

Each year we try to get that little bit better in understanding the needs and aspirations of each member council. It’s a journey and not a destination but one we are absolutely committed to pursuing.

LGAQ Media Award open and seeking entries

LGAQ is calling for entries for the 2018 Bean Lockyer Ticehurst Award for Excellence in Regional Journalism

Motion Submissions Open

Submissions are now open for motions to be discussed at the LGAQ Annual Conference in October. Read how your council can submit.

Community door knock around the corner

Emergency Services volunteers and staff will be on the ground in Queensland on Saturday 15 September between 8am - 5pm to door knock the community.

A word about innovation

I will simply say that it’s better to be riding the wave than standing underneath it. That’s the LGAQ approach to innovation - harness the beast and make it serve us.

5 things you may not know about zero waste to landfill solutions

Local councils and the Queensland Government are looking at investing in innovative technologies to reduce our reliance on landfill, as well as transform our waste into useable products like electricity and biofuels.

Councils need to drive reform in indigenous communities

Queensland’s democratically-elected indigenous councils need to be at the centre of decision-making in any reforms to the delivery of services to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities

Economy and the political pendulum

Collectively, councils are a powerhouse. LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam explains how and why councils can achieve more together.

Indigenous councils time has come

Queensland and Australia’s indigenous councils really were front and centre on the big stage this week.

A big win for Wujal Wujal

The small far north Queensland Aboriginal shire of Wujal Wujal has beaten all comers to win the 2018 National Local Government Award for Excellence for its work on improving its emergency telecommunications network.
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