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Big data project gamechanger for councils

At this year’s annual conference, the LGAQ will be reporting back to members on progress made on LG Sherlock; a state-wide big data project the is set to transform that way councils do business.

Following an exhaustive 18-month, international investigation by the LGAQ into a variety of technologies, work started this week in earnest with the project team setting-up shop at Local Government House.  LG Sherlock

LGAQ CEO Greg Hallam said the project, which will provide councils with new tools and insights will help reduce operational risks and unlock new potential for Queensland councils assisting with local decision making.

“This is big. It's world leading technology that will provide previously hidden valuable insights into the depths of data held by member councils,” he said.

“We are reliably told by our consultants that LG Sherlock will be the first of its kind in the world for an entire sphere of government.”

Leading experts from Amazon web services, Accenture and Everledger will be working together on the first iteration of the project. Data scientists, universities and consultants will be engaged at a later stage with a view to expanding the level of analysis and insight .