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Digital platform refresh: Frequently Asked Questions

What changes are being made to LG Online?


There are three key changes:

  • New personalised alerts capability, helping to keep you informed about topics of interest and breaking sector news.
  • New communications portal, helping to support our advocacy efforts on behalf of all councils.
  • New website for the suite of online tools and services currently available via the LGAQ, assisting elected members and council officers access practical information and advice.

What changes are being made to the Council Business Centre (CBC), the service which maintains council websites?


We will be de-commissioning the existing service and migrating all existing websites to an innovative technology platform designed to better support the new and emerging needs of councils.

Why are these changes being made?


The Association has undertaken extensive consultation with members as well as taken cues from global trends and developments in this space. We have concluded that our existing services are not well placed to support councils into the future.  New systems are required to ensure the current and emerging needs of your council can be met.

What impact will these changes have for me and my Council?


The way in which the Association communicates with you, and others in local government will change. 

Many of these changes may be perceived as subtle, yet they will reflect our desire to become more contemporary and innovative in the way in which we communicate, inform and engage.  You can also expect to see new websites and access re-designed and refreshed online services. 

If your council currently uses the CBC you can also expect to receive access to a range of new tools to help you engage and transact with your community.

What will these changes cost?


These changes will come at no additional financial cost. They are a benefit of your councils ongoing membership of the LGAQ and Member Services subscriptions. 

CBC councils may wish to take advantage of the change of systems to consider an update to the visual look and feel of their existing council websites – the Association offers graphic design on a fee-for-service basis and can provide a quotation and advice at any time. 

For those councils that are satisfied with their existing website there will be no additional financial costs to migrate to the new service.

As a CBC Council what other impacts will there be?


We will be migrating all CBC websites to a modern technology platform.  This means your existing website will be decommissioned, re-built and transitioned to a new environment.

Your current website will continue to remain accessible and available throughout this process.

The timing of your council’s migration will be scheduled in consultation with you, as well as be influenced by the process of planning and migrating ~120 existing websites.

It may take up to a year to migrate all websites.  Key elements of the migration include:

  • Working with council to manage some minor, yet important business process changes -  to ensure that any recently added content is captured in the new site(s).
  • Review all currently provisioned sites maintained and hosted with the LGAQ
  • Your council will need to quality check the new site to ensure that the migration has been successful.
  • Training and support for staff using the new platform – supplied by LGAQ as part of the project.

What will be the benefits to my council in utilising the new website platform?


Key benefits include:

  • Access to a more stable and powerful content management system.
  • Valuable web content and information created by others will be easily and freely available for you to use on your own site (syndicated content).
  • Larger catalogue of online tools that you may access and use - for free.
  • Improved frequency of new services and tools being made available – for free. 

Where will the new websites be hosted?


All LGAQ and council websites managed by the Association will remain hosted domestically in Australia.

Can councils that are not currently using CBC access the new platforms?


Yes.  Although our priority will be on moving existing councils to the new platform, new customers are encouraged to contact us for an obligation free discussion about the opportunity to join the service.  There are costs associated with establishing a new website.