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LG Apps – a mobile application catalogue for local government

The LGAQ has worked with partner organisations Digital Inc and Telstra to produce the groundbreaking LG Apps, a catalogue of apps ideal for local government. LG Apps does the heavy lifting for councils, coming pre-populated with apps identified as useful to councils looking to obtain best practice.

With mobility now a key force in how councils operate, the LG Apps curated catalogue of apps, specifically related to the local government sector, focuses on:

  • specific business solutions for the organisation
  • information access for individuals eg council staff, elected members
  • task enhancing tools for individuals or teams and elected members

Importantly, LG Apps also highlights apps handpicked from the over one million available in the Apple App Store to enhance councils' ability to share information and engage with their communities.

Councils are looking at new ways to improve business processes and deliver better customer service to their communities, Greg Hallam CEO

LG Apps reduces risks for councils by providing pre-assessed apps to empower their use of contemporary digital tools to meet rising community expectations regarding social interactions and business transactions.

What will LG Apps do for me?

Currently providing 80 apps in a broad range of sub-categories including finance, disaster management, health and safety, field services and regional development LG Apps delivers:

  • convenience via a high value central point of reference
  • increased options for business processes and solutions
  • reduced costs through off-the-shelf purchasing

LGAQ members can browse the LG Apps catalogue in LG Online.


For councils and developers
Are you hunting for the best apps for your council? Do you have an app that is perfect for local government? Or maybe you have an app idea ready for development? Fill out the short form below and we will contact you to discuss your interest.
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How does it work?

The LG App catalogue is a catalogue is a curated collection of apps in one place, allowing users to locate specific apps by identifying the nature of work or topic of interest. It is built on a product called ‘CORE' and the collections within the space are known as ‘Cores'. For example:

  1. Apps focusing on Regional Development are in the Community Core
  2. Select the Community Core, then
  3. Select Economic Development, then
  4. Select Regional Development and an app called Go2Guides is available

Similarly, an app to assist with inspections is available through Inspection Apps. Go Council Core, then select Field Services, then select Form Entry and Inspection…you are taken to InspectionApps and other apps that may be of interest.


More for LGAQ members

Visit the LG Apps catalogue in LG Online to see which apps are currently available!

or visit us on LinkedIn

Who can use LG Apps?

Invitations have been sent to Queensland council CEOs for many of the initial 100 licenses. Please contact Lou Boyle, LGAQ Innovation Executive if you are interested in obtaining one of the remaining first stage licenses 1300 542 700. The supply of more licenses will be addressed as interest demands.

Where do I get support for the LG Apps Catalogue?

Please contact Lou Boyle, LGAQ Innovation Executive 1300 542 700