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Federal Engagement

The LGAQ maintains a close working relationship with the State and Federal Governments based on mutual respect, open and honest dialogue and recognition of our shared jurisdictions in serving the people of Queensland.

At the national level, the LGAQ works with the Federal Government on issues including the reform of the federation, negotiating a sustainable funding arrangement for recovering from and mitigating the effects of natural disasters, securing an increased share of federal funding for Queensland councils through the review of the taxation system and remade regional funding programs.

The LGAQ's first-ever 2013 Federal Election Queensland Local Government Policy Plan sought commitments from the major parties on ten key points of interest to Queensland local government.

The LGAQ has commenced the process of developing a new election policy plan for the 2016 federal election.

The LGAQ's post-election strategy in 2016 will consist of:

  • Writing to Ministers with briefing notes on the proposals put forward in the ten point policy plan as well as other key policy matters relevant to the Queensland local government sector
  • Identifying opportunities to invite Ministers to key LGAQ events
  • Enhancing existing and establishing new relationships with Ministers and Ministerial Advisors and
  • Engaging with the Opposition and minor parties, especially with balance of power Senators.