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Councils and Community Services

Councils Delivering Community Services

Local government in Queensland is a significant contributor to community and social wellbeing. All 77 councils in Queensland provide essential and necessary community services to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and the general public. This commitment is underpinned by social planning schemes and strategies through to staff dedicated to community development, safety and engagement.

Councils in Queensland provide specialist support and services for CALD residents, young people through youth development programs as well as providing community and individual support to individuals and families with a disability. The majority of councils in Queensland also provide of community housing to low-income earners or residents with complex needs.

Furthermore, Councils provide the necessary social infrastructure to assist various community groups and associations, and are responsible for the maintenance of parks, public spaces and cultural assets.

ABS data stipulates local government in Queensland spends $1.8 billion on community amenities, housing, public safety programs, educational and health services each year. This aggregate total of local government expenditure accounts for almost a quarter (23%) of all local government general expenses, highlighting the commitment made from local government to the needs of people across diverse communities.

Councils are also recipients of grant funding from the Queensland Government and Australian Government to deliver and provide certain services and programs.