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Community Satisfaction Survey

Local government delivers a diverse range of services across the state, contributing significantly to the quality of life experienced by Queensland communities.

Every two years, the LGAQ surveys, benchmarks and analyses community satisfaction with these services. This long term regular study, beginning in 1997, provides local councils with a valuable benchmarking tool to use in their planning processes. It is the most comprehensive regular study of public satisfaction with local council services in Queensland.

The 2017 survey is the eleventh in this series to measure change:

  • in the importance placed, by communities, on services and policy areas
  • in the perceived level of council performance in providing these services

Using the research

Individual council corporate planning can be supported and enhanced with the use of data that shows both current sentiment and also long term trends regarding community priorities. The information gathered in this survey, and its forerunners, can assist to focus new and existing initiatives, service delivery and improvements.

This research provides valuable insights that can be considered by councils when preparing

  •     ongoing corporate planning and
  •     continuous improvement initiatives

The study provides information of relevance to all councils, and functions where new initiatives would be most effective in moving performance closer to an optimal level are highlighted in the report.

If you have any questions about the research or how to utilise it please contact Craig Johnstone, LGAQ Media Executive 1300 542 700.


Executive summary documents:

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