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Councils congratulate incoming Palaszczuk Government 7/12/17 10:47 AM Teresa Petzel
Election 2017: Solid response from all parties to local government wishlist 22/11/17 8:41 AM Teresa Petzel
Council driven connectivity solutions a winner 11/11/17 9:27 AM Teresa Petzel
Election 2017: Councils welcome ALP tourism package, continue push for reef funding 1/11/17 4:19 PM Teresa Petzel
Bruce Highway Trust a positive first step 6/11/17 2:24 PM Teresa Petzel
Statement by LGAQ President Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson 3/11/17 5:23 PM Teresa Petzel
Councils on a winner with Works for Queensland 3/11/17 1:54 PM Teresa Petzel
Election 2017: councils go into bat for infrastructure, child literacy, reef protection 29/10/17 11:35 AM Teresa Petzel
Councils pitch for new directions on funding, essential infrastructure, reef protection 16/10/17 10:00 AM Teresa Petzel
Councils making ground in digital productivity: report 14/10/17 12:10 PM Teresa Petzel
Job figures show Works for Queensland is a winner 15/10/17 11:47 AM Teresa Petzel
Sally Cripps wins LGAQ regional journalism prize 17/10/17 1:14 PM Teresa Petzel
Queensland local communities to benefit from data analytics 17/10/17 2:50 PM Teresa Petzel
Councils welcome new round of building grants 18/10/17 3:10 PM Teresa Petzel
Innovation and data key themes at local government conference 13/10/17 9:59 AM Teresa Petzel
LGAQ proposes limits on council election campaign spending 7/09/17 4:31 PM Teresa Petzel
No evidence developer donations buy favours 9/10/17 2:18 PM Teresa Petzel
Vale Butch Lenton 3/10/17 10:11 AM Teresa Petzel
Cyclone funding welcome but not enough 29/08/17 1:16 PM Teresa Petzel
Statewide survey gives the tick of approval to local councils 1/09/17 11:35 AM Teresa Petzel
Bush Councils Convention takes on ‘The World’ stage 3/08/17 1:07 PM Teresa Petzel
LGAQ Media Award open and seeking entries 25/07/17 11:25 AM Teresa Petzel
Councils welcome new complaints system 20/07/17 9:50 AM Nathalie Cattaneo
Local council businesses come together under one name 10/07/17 12:00 PM Teresa Petzel
Mackay welcomes 2017 Local Government Disaster Management Conference 9/05/17 11:04 PM Teresa Petzel
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