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Waste not, want more

The business of government is never smooth but it should always be pursued with an aspirational eye on the fortunes of future generations.

Trade and Investment MOU to support local economies

Under the MOU, the LGAQ will increase the support provided to councils through training, mentoring and increasing the connectivity between councils and Trade and Investment Queensland.

Indigenous councils gather in show of strength

The meeting was the latest in a series of actions taken by indigenous councils to communicate the devastating impact the funding cut would have on their remote communities.

Redland City Council takes stand on cyber respect

Redland City Council has taken a public stand against negative online behaviour, launching a #pledgenot2sledge social media campaign - and they're encouraging Qld councils to get involved.

Now is the time to secure a zero waste future

“We know the technology to progress to a true zero waste future now exists. Now is the time to invest in the infrastructure that can make this happen, the LGAQ stands ready to lead change in this area,” Mayor Mark Jamieson, President.

Fraser Coast councillor to represent local government on waste advisory panel

The LGAQ this week nominated Cr Anne Maddern from Fraser Coast Regional Council to represent local government on a technical advisory panel for the Department of Environment and Science.

Local government key player in biodiversity

In response to the Federal Government's draft Strategy for Nature, the LGAQ has emphasised councils' role in enhancing biodiversity.

Brisbane City Council officially carbon neutral

Brisbane City Council has been certified as a 100% carbon neutral organisation under the Australian Government’s Carbon Neutral Program.
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